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LARP Story
Yularen 1
Alright, so I haven't been on a lot the last few weeks for a number of reasons, one of which ended today so I have a break for a few days. Basically, I went to a LARP (Live Action Roleplay) this weekend, in the weirdest weather I have ever seen in Upstate New York for May, going from rain, to sleet to snow and then repeating all night.  The fact that this was done on a campground surrounded by tree's with a nearby lake made it even more interesting.

A few friends and I decided to go to this LARP a couple of monthes ago and we all were stoked to go Friday.  So we all went up and got started NPCing (Non-Player Character is NPC and that's what we were all weekend (basically random monsters for the guys in charge to use)) at night until 3 in the morning Saturday.  That night I was a zombie, a merchant girl and a zombie again, not much to do for that night but it was only 1 shift. 

The next day we went out on our second shift, at 10 in the morning, as orcs, with my one friend as an ogre.  We were the Player Characters (PC's) wake up call, and I went tromping through the woods as an orc for most of the morning.  Near the end of the shift I was a soldier that started a war between two of the large human kingdoms because the PC's didn't stop us, though they did leave us sitting in the woods for over an hour with nothing to do.  That lasted until the next shift where I was an orc again, a graverobber, and a bandit, which was fun 'cause I got beat up a lot with a latex sword.  That night, my last shift, I started out as a skeleton, and the rain started coming down hard and the temperature dropped extremely low. I went out for one shift and went back to Logistics to warm up where a little later they asked me, my friend Joe and a veteran named Greg if we would be two ogre's and a troll, with another friend of mine as a girl we robbed going into town to bring out the PC's so we could attack them.  Well on our way into the woods where we were going to ambush them, we got lost.  I don't mean, "Oh I think we took a wrong turn on the path" lost I mean "We're way off the path and have no clue where the heck we are" kind of lost, and at night, it's the worse possible thing in the world.  So me, my friend Joe and Greg ended up tromping through the woods with a glowstick for light trying to find the path or town or something, and instead we came to a road.  So we started following the road, and after a while it started to sleet, so we thought we would ask where we were at a nearby house.  Three houses later we figured that on that stretch of road nobody was up so we continued down the road hoping we were a) going the right way and b) we were on the right road.  Well, we came to another stretch of houses when we saw a car coming down the road, which we thought we would flag down, but instead it turned into the driveway in front of us, which we followed.  We asked the person for help, they ignored us so we went and knocked on the door.  When they got to the door, the lady freaked out at Greg, who was in large shoulder pads with fur over them to be an ogre.  But we got directions and continued on, when the snow picked up and we somehow missed the camp entrance, and instead went towards the nearby highway.  Long story short we ran into someone leaving the event who gave us a ride back to the campgrounds where mine and Joe's friends got excited and we discovered we had been lost for three hours in the friggin' snow.  That's when my lack of glasses and lack of food kicked in and I scarfed whatever they gave me, and then I went up with a friend to get my character sheet signed for the shift.  Instead of the normal 2 that we should have gotten for the shift, they gave us 10 for getting lost, essentially giving us two free levels.  We haven't stopped rubbing it in the faces of our friends yet :D  After that and after I got changed out of my wet clothes I dug out my sleeping bag and crashed on the floor, then we got up today, helped pick up and chatted with a few folks and left.

Over all it was a fun weekend, it just sucked that I got lost.  I am going back, but I'm definitely not going back out into the woods at 11 pm when it's pitch black in only a hoodie, two t-shirts, a long sleeved t-shirt and fur ever again, at least not that far back.  Can't wait until next month to go back though, the folks are excellent.   



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