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Star Wars Land Icons
ansketil rose Yularen
Finally got these done! 20 Wullf Yularen themed icons, and man am I happy I splurged and bought the season 1 boxed set of Clone Wars, I never would have gotten a few of these shots without it, and the Episode IV dvd a friend of mine got me for my birthday. I am taking a few to use after the icons are up and judged or are sitting for a while, I like a couple and wanna use'em. Feel free to take as long as I get credit. Any problems with this post I'll fix later today, it's 2:30 a.m. here so I'm going to bed.

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Ooo - I love "hero" and "b&w" - :)

Yeah that shot of him in black and white has to be one of my favorites, and it's one of my fav's from the extended footage of Storm Over Ryloth. Hero is another one from that episode, but that was a toughy to figure out what to do for it so I'm glad someone besides me likes it!

WOW I love these!! Nice work! Especially loved the liveaction shots! Beautiful job here! m(_ _)m

Thanks so much! The live action shots were a pain to get screencaps of but they were so worth it to show him in something other then the cartoon. Glad someone besides me likes those shots!

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