Star Wars: Teachings of War
Yularen 5

Title:  Teachings of War
Character:  Wullf Yularen
Word Count:  2,177
Rating:  PG
Spoilers/Time-line:  Spans from the beginning of the Clone Wars to some point after Cat and Mouse, not really sure when it ends.
Summary:  Lessons taught to keep one safe, to help develop an officer in war, always find meaning during war.  Wullf learns his lessons, and overcomes the final test of all.
Authors Note: Wow, I actually wrote a Star Wars story, and it's longish.  Longer then what I normally write for Star Wars at least.  Now if only I could do this more often.  But this has been sitting on my hard drive for a while now, sense Cat and Mouse aired actually, and I only recently finished it, so sorry if it doesn't flow well near the end, I just couldn't get into the same mindset I had been when I began to write the beginning of this, and I wanted to finish it.  Of course it's a Wullf piece, but it plays off of what I learned from a couple different sources, so...enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars the Clone Wars nor am I making a profit off of this piece of fiction.

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Warehouse 13: Late Night Dinner
Group Gold Star

Title:  Late Night Dinner
Characters: Ted, Valda, Pete, Myka, Claudia, Mrs. Frederic, OC
Word Count:  2,741
Rating:  G
Spoilers/Time-line:  Spoilers for Beyond Our Control, and most of Season 2 as of that episode, kinda.
Summary:  After their late night movie marathon, Pete, Myka and Claudia go to Ted’s for a late night dinner, and come across a rather interesting duo with an interesting tale.
Disclaimer: I do not own Warehouse 13 nor am I making a profit off of this piece of fiction.


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Warehouse 13 Fic Family Order
Artie Mrs F
Title: Family Order
Characters: Arthur Nielson and an OC, mentions of Claudia, Mrs. Frederic and MacPherson
Word Count: 1,368
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Time-line: Spoilers for Time Will Tell (Season 2 Premiere)
Summary:  Orders are orders, though some are given not to protect the world, but to protect one's self from harm.  Dealing with the man who gave the order however, and dealing with the consequences of his latest actions, has Artie speechless.
Disclaimer: I do not own Warehouse 13 nor am I making a profit off of this piece of fiction.

Author Notes:  This was written for a number of reasons.  One was because I wanted to write a fic involving Artie and a certain OC of mine who has haunted my other Warehouse 13 fics.  Another was to address the Season 2 Premiere, and some of the issues and ideas I had early on in it.  My final reason was because luna_dove said she'd get more of her fic up in turn if I posted something of my own.  


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Warehouse 13 - Lest You Lose What You Hold Dear - Valda
Valda 1
Title: Lest You Lose What You Hold Dear
Character: Benedict Valda
Word Count: 583
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Time-line: Spoilers for Breakdown,
Summary:  There were times that doing something should always be done by yourself or else it brings up unexpected consequences.  Valda contemplates upon the implications of his conversation with Artie and Mrs. Frederic, and the history of the Warehouse.
Disclaimer: I do not own Warehouse 13 nor am I making a profit off of this piece of fiction.

Author Notes: I was looking at the SyFy Warehouse 13 website and came across a section on the history of the Warehouse.  After reading through it, realizing my plans for Theo were going to have to be tweaked (a reason why I haven't written much with him after season 1 I like fluff) and watching Breakdown, I came up with this.  I have no clue where the analogy came from, it just seemed to fit.  Plus there is a lack of Mr. Valda fic's out there, and while I know he's a jerk the size of the Warehouse, he does need a little love.  To those on I'm Knight's Guard over there, I'm gonna post this up over there too, but do comment at both.


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LARP Story
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Alright, so I haven't been on a lot the last few weeks for a number of reasons, one of which ended today so I have a break for a few days. Basically, I went to a LARP (Live Action Roleplay) this weekend, in the weirdest weather I have ever seen in Upstate New York for May, going from rain, to sleet to snow and then repeating all night.  The fact that this was done on a campground surrounded by tree's with a nearby lake made it even more interesting.

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Really Random
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Well I was hunting around on YouTube for some music to listen to while I just goofed off for the night because I really am not in the mood to go to bed when I found, something a little surprising. I can't take credit for this, I am music video challenged, but I just had to share this 'cause it blends two of my favorite sci-fi universes together by music and a tribute to my favorite character in Clone Wars.

Star Wars Land Icons
ansketil rose Yularen
Finally got these done! 20 Wullf Yularen themed icons, and man am I happy I splurged and bought the season 1 boxed set of Clone Wars, I never would have gotten a few of these shots without it, and the Episode IV dvd a friend of mine got me for my birthday. I am taking a few to use after the icons are up and judged or are sitting for a while, I like a couple and wanna use'em. Feel free to take as long as I get credit. Any problems with this post I'll fix later today, it's 2:30 a.m. here so I'm going to bed.

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Please...that's all I ask :D

My November Plans...
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NaNoWriMo Banner

I probably should have posted this yesterday but meh...go on to the website if you don't know what it is. This year it's Warehouse 13 for my story, but I'll do Star Wars stuff as I go to give me a distraction. Trust me, I'll need it:D

Star Wars Saga Drabble Links
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Links to the various drabbles I have done for sw_saga_drabble and they are all based around Admiral Yularen from Clone Wars. Follow the links to see them.

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